Album Review: Near by Colic

Colic - Near

Who knows where the term really originated, but The Cut‘s article that compiled comprehensive research on one generationally-relevant hue has launched the idea of “millenial pink” into the public conscious like a hollow-tipped bullet. Hell, if you’re reading this on our site, you’re probably looking at the color right now. It’s not just its constantly recurring nature that’s made the color so crucial to pop iconography, it’s the ability of this lighthearted and cutesy pink shade to contrast with a sickly, dark undertone that, let’s face it, haunts our culture’s every breath. Millenial pink became synonymous with its own opposite, a bright representation of something serious and sober. In this way, COLIC’s newest three-song EP, Near, is painfully contemporary. Its iconic pink artwork weighs this contrast a priori with the band’s own name. Colic: severe abdominal pain common in infants. What’s not lighthearted and cutesy about that? So it follows that Near is a brief study all about contrast.

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